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About Dogecoin

Dogecoin is a Bitcoin-based digital currency. Dogecoin originated with the help of internet meme "Doge". Dogecoin, unlike Bitcoin, has no maximum limitation in amount of monetary units, however it reaches its maximum growth rate at 100 billion units.

On December 23, 2013 was 12.5 percent dogecoin of these 100 billion has been recovered. Dogecoin has attracted attention in several various magazines for its user involvement in various charity campaigns.

After almost being left for dead in 2014, DOGECOIN was saved by a merged mining initiative with LTC. The coin which was created as an experiment and flash-in-the-pan joke has stood the test of time due to its enduring position as a mascot for the community. Although dedicated protocol development has slowed, DOGE continues to serve as an important gateway and playground for the cryptocurrency curious.

Technicals for DOGECOIN/BTC market suggests a near-term reversal as the spot price has ground the historic low for several months. DOGECOIN/BTC often performs best when BTC/USD enters a period of consolidation. Every rise in DOGECOIN’s history was unable to consolidate for further upside, leading to a prolonged 200+ day downtrend. Any further lower lows on the DOGECOIN's/BTC pair will likely meet buyers who expect the high-reward, low-risk level to act as expected. A move above 33 sats should be seen as a leading bullish momentum indicator.

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